Exmon Software Becomes Part of TimeXtender Family

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Reykjavík, Iceland – December 14, 2023 – Press Release

Exmon acquired by TimeXtender

Exmon Software Becomes Part of TimeXtender Family, Ushering in a New Era of Growth and Innovation

Exmon Software is excited to announce its acquisition by TimeXtender. This strategic move signifies a key growth milestone for Exmon – a trusted solution provider for data quality and master data management – and promises increased innovation, efficiency, and global reach. Our valued customers can expect the same high-quality service with significant improvements, as our integration with TimeXtender is designed to reinforce Exmon’s competitive edge and deliver even greater value.

The Aim: Greater Reach, Innovation, and Growth

The merger with TimeXtender expands our operational scale and potential market reach, aligning with a company noted for its customer satisfaction and allowing us to better serve our customer and partner base. With a focus on creating innovative solutions, Exmon envisions a future marked by rapid growth and great advances.

Heine Krog Iversen, CEO of TimeXtender, conveyed his perspective, stating, “Integrating Exmon into our ecosystem represents our continuous effort to enhance the value we provide, while also strengthening the expertise we bring to the table. The synergy between TimeXtender and Exmon offers a robust governance layer, ensuring data accuracy, consistency, and accessibility, making data management an easier task for our users.”

Marrying Expertise and Advanced Technologies

TimeXtender’s technological prowess in the data management landscape offers a perfect balance of simplicity and automation. It supports a robust framework for future-proof data infrastructure, promising faster development and cost-effective solutions. Meanwhile, Exmon’s belief in enabling data-driven businesses using trusted data has informed its approach to data management, governance, and process orchestration.

Together, TimeXtender and Exmon seek to navigate the complexity of modern data management, transforming it into a simple yet comprehensive service. Gunnar Steinn Magnússon, CEO of Exmon, echoed this sentiment, saying,

“Our strategic alignment with TimeXtender propels our collective vision of demystifying data governance into a wider spectrum. This collaboration significantly reduces the complexities associated with effective data management, benefiting our current and potential customers.”

New opportunities for customers and partners

This merger offers tremendous value to both existing customers and potential new partners, as it signifies improvements in data accuracy, governance, and integration, fostering better data-driven decision-making and optimized operations. Our alliance also promotes market expansion across North America, Benelux, UK, Ireland, Nordics, and DACH regions, opening up new opportunities not just for our companies but also for our customers.

Towards a Future of Simplified Data Governance

In conclusion, the strategic partnership between TimeXtender and Exmon marks a major step towards enabling organizations to harness their data potential fully. It redefines the landscape of data management and governance – simplifying, automating, and strengthening – thus equipping businesses to thrive in a data-driven world.

About Exmon

Exmon’s mission is to empower businesses with accurate, trustworthy data; data that forms the backbone of successful digital transformations and AI adoption. We underscore the vital role of proper data management, governance, and continuous monitoring in ensuring operational excellence and regulatory compliance. We firmly believe in and advocate for high-quality data as a critical enabler for businesses on their journey towards digital innovation and the effective deployment of AI technologies. With Exmon, you’re not just managing your data; you’re harnessing it to drive your digital future.

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Press Contacts:

Heine Krog Iversen | hki@timextender.com

Gunnar Steinn Magnusson | gunnarsteinn@exmon.com

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Daniel ThyrringChief Commercial Officer, Exmon Software

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