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Take control of your ETL process with integrated data quality controls

With exMon you can analyze your data flows visually and add data quality controls directly into the data flow to stop bad data from affecting your business.

Orchestrate your entire process, end-to-end and get rid of gaps in your data pipeline. With our built-in measure and report function, you can visualize your data issues directly in exmon or with your tool of choice like Power BI, Qlik or Tableau.

Become truly data-driven and turn data into value

Data quality errors and exceptions to business processes lead to lost revenue and added costs.


exmon controls are actively monitoring data and data processes for our clients

Catching Over


exceptions before it is escalted into lost revenues or added cost

A better way to orchestrate ALL your processes

Control all your data processes from source to report whether they are on-premise or cloud, and visualize in a live diagram.

Traffic lights show the status of each step to keep business and IT aligned by ensuring transparency and trust.

Refresh data on demand

Allow users to get fresh data when they need it. Exmon allows business users to execute the process from the portal and get a notification when the data is ready – freeing up valuable time for your data team.

Spend less time searching for errors with smart troubleshooting

All stakeholders are notified and made aware of all data problems with an insight into what happened, when and where. No need for tedious drilling into databases and error logs.

Configure alert notifications when anomalies occur and prevent bad data from entering your system.

Finding and fixing ETL issues has never been easier

Embedded Data Quality Assurance

Build data quality controls as part of the process and notify so all stakeholders are aware if data is incorrect or missing. Stop the process if a critical data incident happens and prevent the flow of bad data from impacting your business

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Data Management

provides companies with control over their data

Data governance

prevents bad data from being shared across systems

Process Orchestration

enables businesses to see their data flows and processes in a visual way

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