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Daniel Thyrring2 Aug 23 • 4 min read

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Reykjavík, Iceland and Hoofddorp, Netherlands – August 2023 – The rapidly accelerating digital transformation in today’s business environment brings with it a set of challenges and opportunities. One of the most pressing challenges is ensuring data quality. The integrity of a company’s data plays a vital role in making informed, data-driven decisions and to gain value from the increasing investments in digitalization.

Recognizing this, Exmon Software, a pioneer in data management and data quality solutions, is excited to announce its new solution partnership with MagnaVersum BV, a Dutch data intelligence company. This partnership signifies the expansion of Exmon’s global network and strengthens its presence in the Netherlands. The partnership aims to empower businesses with trustworthy, real-time data, and create a more innovative, data-driven environment.

MagnaVersum BV

MagnaVersum, with its commitment to data-driven business operations and creating value through data, is joining Exmon’s network of solution partners, and will be Exmon’s second official partner in the Netherlands.

Rick Ouwerkerk, BI & Analytics Chief Sales Officer at MagnaVersum, shares his excitement, “For optimizing our customers’ Data Management Process, (re)structuring Data Governance, and assuring Data Quality and Security, we have agreed to become a solution partner with Exmon.”

With Exmon’s Data Management and Quality solution, we ensure that any type of organization is capable of gaining value from all their data in a fully trusted and reliable environment.” – Rick Ouwerkerk, CSO, MagnaVersum

Likewise, Daniel Thyrring, Chief Commercial Officer at Exmon, speaks highly of the partnership, “MagnaVersum is a serious partner that we expect will have great value to improve our position on the Dutch market and for our plans on increasing our presence with clients in the Benelux”

About MagnaVersum

MagnaVersum is a leading provider of data intelligence solutions and services that was established in 2016. With its unique approach to unraveling the complexities of technical possibilities, MagnaVersum aims to empower organizations and their employees with data-driven strategies. By connecting various data points, the company facilitates better understanding and utilization of data.

The core services offered by MagnaVersum include Consultancy, Training, and Events. With a team of proficient BI consultants and data scientists, they provide custom support and advice, aiding in upgrades, system migrations, and on-going projects.

MagnaVersum places strong emphasis on education. Through their Academy, they offer extensive training programs on business intelligence and analytics to help organizations and their employees become more data literate. This equips individuals with the skills to create dashboards, reports, and to understand the complex language of data.

In addition, the company regularly organizes online events to foster relationships and synergies between organizations and their potential data analytics partners.

Operating under the motto ‘connecting the dots’, MagnaVersum is adept at linking different data sources to convert raw data into valuable, insightful information. This aids organizations in decision-making, managing expectations, and making accurate predictions.

About Exmon Software

Exmon Software, established in 2014 and formerly known as Expectus Software, provides a robust data management platform grounded in “Exception Monitoring”. Originally developed in 2009, Exmon has since matured into a trusted data governance tool utilized across numerous industries, including telecom, energy, aviation, and manufacturing. Serving over 160 global customers, Exmon’s focus is to enhance data quality, monitor business operation discrepancies, and facilitate data-driven decision-making.

Exmon’s platform, a complete solution for data quality management, overlays seamlessly onto existing data systems, offering tools for data profiling, defining rules workflows, data cleansing, monitoring, and analysis. In real time, it identifies and notifies relevant parties of data inaccuracies, prevents the sharing of flawed data, and promotes a disciplined approach to process improvement.

The platform comprises three key solutions: Data Management for controlling data; Data Governance for preventing data flaws from propagating across systems; and Process Orchestration for visualizing data flows and processes. Through these solutions, Exmon empowers businesses with trustworthy, actionable data, essential for digital transformation and data-driven decision making.

For more information

Exmon Software is enthusiastic about this collaboration and the value it will bring to both companies and their customers. This partnership is a significant step toward fulfilling our shared mission of enabling data-driven businesses with trustworthy data.

For further information, please contact:


Daniel Thyrring, Chief Commercial Officer


Rick Ouwerkerk, Chief Sales Officer

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Daniel ThyrringChief Commercial Officer, Exmon Software

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