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Daniel Thyrring20 Jan 23 • 3 min read

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Mastering Data Management: A Success Story from LS Retail

LS Retail adopted the exMon Data Management platform to streamline their internal processes, aligning with their mission to “make business easy.” By implementing a strong and simple Master Data Management approach, they enhanced their data quality, proactively tackled bad data, and minimized the risk of incorrect invoices. The adoption of exMon has resulted in increased client satisfaction, reduced business costs, and a more agile response to data discrepancies.

LS Retail and Their Data Management Quest

LS Retail is a global leader, delivering unified ERP software solutions for various sectors, including retail, hospitality, pharmacy, and gas stations. With operations in more than 140 countries, LS Retail, a member of the “Microsoft Dynamics Inner Circle” since 2021, has a mission to “make business easy” for their clients.

However, to fulfill this mission, LS Retail needed to first simplify their internal business processes. Margrét Helga Sævarsdóttir, Financial Controller at LS Retail, was tasked with the challenge. Her role includes managing monthly closings, budgets, and forecasts. Margrét found her solution in the exMon Data Management platform, which she used to map LS Retail’s accounting structure to the new Group organisation structure.

Enhanced Data Quality with Master Data Management

Margrét shares her experience using the exMon Data Management platform. She first used exMon to enhance data quality by identifying and resolving discrepancies in the budget and forecasting process. It helped her pinpoint duplicate or missing dimensions, which could lead to incorrect reporting.

With exMon, LS Retail could manage and monitor their data continuously. This application allowed them to keep a tab on their data inputs and ensure accurate filling of customer cards/accounts in Dynamics before billing the customers, thus reducing the risk of erroneous invoices.

An Effective Solution to Bad Data

Using a data management platform like exMon, LS Retail has been able to preemptively tackle bad data, rectifying exceptions as soon as they occur. This proactive approach, Margrét notes, is thanks to the simplicity and smoothness of exMon, which gives LS Retail agility in their fight against bad data.

“There’s no doubt that exMon simplifies our daily operation and makes our financial processes run more smoothly” – Margrét Helga Sævarsdóttir, Financial Controller at LS Retail

LS Retail currently operates with 13 Business Units (BUs) on their Business Central. With exMon’s Master Data Management capability, they can get an overview of all their data and understand the status of their data in one place.

The Conclusion

The demand for Master Data Management solutions continues to grow as more organizations invest in BI and data software. If you’re interested in seeing how the exMon Data Management Platform can help manage your data, consider signing up for a free trial of our platform. Test it with your own data, and see first-hand how exMon can boost your business efficiency and data accuracy.

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Daniel ThyrringChief Commercial Officer, Exmon Software

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