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Build closer relations to your clients and

Save time operating and maintaining your data estate

At exMon, it’s our mission to provide a best-in-class data solution that enables our partners to work with their clients more efficiently and effectively – this allows you to spend less time on boring, non-valuable work and instead focus on developing your clients data solution.

  • 0,- programme fees

  • Build a recurring revenue stream of up 35% commission

  • 99% customer loyalty after more than 10 years and 160 clients

  • Dedicated support; sales, marketing, implementation and technical support, if needed

Trusted by many world-class brands and organisations of all sizes

Why partner with exmon?

By joining the exMon partner program, you can gain competitive advantage and build closer relationships with your customers.

  • Create a new, recurring revenue stream with up to 35% commissions
  • Benefit from our consulting services
  • Save time by leveraging a more reliable and trustworthy data platform
  • Deliver better data platforms, and enable reliable self-service BI
  • Become the hero for your clients by working with our dedicated partner team that share your goals
  • Free up your data teams from manual, repetitive tasks, and empower your BI and analytics experts
  • Enable your consultants to serve more clients

  • Zero program fees
  • 99% partner and client satisfaction over more than 10 years
  • Take advantage of partner marketing, field sales support and personal technical support

The ideal tool

exMon aims to be the ideal tool to help data consulting companies deliver trusted data pipelines to their customer base.

We work closely with all of our partners to build trust and deliver great value.

Once you become a partner, we provide you with all the training, support, and marketing funding to ensure you have everything you need to truly utilize our platform and deliver data excellence to your clients.

Visualise the process

to increase transparency and trust in the data for your clients

Embed data quality controls

prevents bad data from being shared across systems and monitors integrations issues.

Be the first to know

get a complete error log if issues arise in the data pipeline, as soon as it happens.

Partner profitability

A new revenue stream

As a solution partner, you get a chance to decrease risk and secure a stable income.

*Example calculation based on an average subscription of 27.365 when you have 20 clients

Becoming a partner



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Gunnar Steinn Magnusson, CEO

“Data has become the center of organizations, and data quality should be a top priority to ensure you operate efficiently. Proactive controls reduce time spent solving problems and ensure that the only data that reach employees and customers is accurate, consistent, and up-to-date.”

Interested in becoming a partner?

We work closely with our partners to support our customers worldwide. Our partners are empowered to focus on enabling your businesses to succeed and have a succesful implementation with exMon.

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