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Expectus is a managing consultancy consisting of a small group of highly experienced consultants in the field of Strategic Planning, Operational Excellence, IT Consulting and Analytics solutions for top management. Expectus aids organizations to become truly data-driven

Expectus provides exMon implementation services, support and training for companies in Iceland.

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Bragason Consulting

Bragason Consulting works with a network of independent specialists in different fields of IT. We have everything from network specialists to AI gurus. We select the best team for your project and make sure that you get high quality affordable services for your company.

Alphavima Technologies

Alphavima Technologies is a Canadian IT Consulting and Services organization with an experience of more than 15 years, headquartered in Ontario, Canada. They are a Microsoft Gold Partner and have been helping companies implement and adopt technology across their organizations for more than 15 years. Alphavima’s proven CRM and Data Analytics solutions are customized to meet your unique needs. They help you meet your strategic vision and accelerate it. They build their solutions and accelerators for a specific enterprise need or entire industries. With a strong partnership ecosystem, Alphavima helps you optimize your strategic vision and operational growth. They continue to help enterprises leverage the power of data across industry verticals throughout North America.


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KPMG is a multinational professional services network, and one of the Big Four accounting organizations, with services including audit, tax, and advisory. KPMG’s new tech and analytics services include their audit data & analytics service which is raising the bar on audit quality by enabling them to test complete data populations and understand the business reasons behind outliers and anomalies. They also offer a range of technology services that help companies implement and adopt technology across their organizations. KPMG’s NewTech practice is focused on helping clients transform their businesses through the use of new technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain, quantum computing, and more. They offer a range of services under NewTech such as Intelligent Automation, Machine Learning & Quantum, Cybersecurity, Data & Analytics, Cloud Transformation, and more

Solteq Denmark

Solteq is a Nordic IT service provider and software house that specializes in digital business solutions and vertical software markets. Our mission is to simplify the digital world to make a better tomorrow.

Data Lab

Data Lab consist of a highly skilled team of Business Intelligence consultants and architects with expertise within the fields of; data visualization, advanced analytics, data governance, data strategy and data architecture solutions.

With more than 25 years of experience working with information systems and BI to help their clients achieve greater insights and better data processes.

AddPro Denmark

Addpro Danmark is an IT solutions provider passionate about guiding businesses through digital transformation. They specialize in leveraging top-tier expertise and innovative approaches to address complex business challenges and enhance competitiveness. Focused on improving daily operations and increasing customer value, Addpro offers creative, challenging, and reliable partnership solutions. They play a critical role in navigating the increasingly digital and complex business landscape, emphasizing IT security to protect against the growing threat of cyberattacks in our digital society


Datafy specializes in providing tailored consulting, implementation, and training in Power BI solutions. They assist businesses in maximizing the value of their data, translating it into actionable insights for business growth. Their services include seamless Power BI implementation, continuous support, and training to fully leverage data potential. They also focus on enhancing data management and governance practices, ensuring high-quality, reliable data for better decision-making and process optimization.

North Insights

North Insights is a consultancy that offer wide verity of services with in the Microsoft business intelligence space. We do advisory, smaller and larger implementation projects and training.


Valcon is a consultancy firm dedicated to delivering sustainable transformation by integrating technology, data, and consulting services. They focus on shaping companies for future readiness, identifying and actualizing opportunities with a collaborative, fast, and thorough approach. Valcon emphasizes pragmatism, simplicity, flexibility, and honesty in their services, ensuring that their delivery method is as critical as the results they achieve. They strive to enact sustainable change without cutting corners, offering straightforward and effective consultancy solutions​.



Contact Perfinity

Perfinity is a leading ICT advisory firm with a mission to assist private sector and organizations in architecting and implementing smart ICT strategies. With a track record dating back to the 1990s and a team of senior-level executives equipped with a wealth of ICT knowledge and business expertise, Perfinity helps clients integrate digital technology into all areas of business to exploit new value-producing opportunities at the intersection of IT systems and operations



Avito is not just a provider of strategies and software. It’s a partner that guides organizations to become truly data-driven, leveraging its expertise in Data Management. With Avito’s proficient Project Managers leading the charge, they provide leadership and motivation, clearing roadblocks, and inspiring teams to capitalize on the full value of data.

In a world where information is power, Avito is your trusted ally, illuminating the path towards a data-centric future. Whether you’re starting your data journey or advancing your strategies, Avito stands ready to help you succeed. With Avito, you’re not just embracing a data-driven future—you’re crafting it.



E-mergo is a Qlik Elite Solution Provider, TimeXtender Partner of the Year (2019&2020), Microsoft Gold Partner, and Mendix partner1. They are certified in accordance with international and national standards such as ISO 27001, ISO 9001, and NEN 4400-11. E-mergo’s services include data-driven solutions, data management, data analytics, and app development1. They help organizations transition to a data-driven approach by providing the right knowledge, strategy, and technology to build a powerful data foundation1.


MagnaVersum is your personal strategic partner helping you to become a Data Driven Organization. Our focus is to optimize the Data Management process, (re)structuring the Data Governance process and comprehending and assuring the Data Quality and Security supported by Data Analytics Scan, Tools and various sets of Data Literacy Training courses. We are also specialized in implementing one or more Datawarehouse Automation and Data Visualization solutions, based on various tools such as Qlik, Power BI, TimeXtender and Azure, including training and support.

For optimizing your Data Management Process, (re)structuring Data Governance and assuring Data Quality and Security we have agreed a strategic partnership with Exmon. With Exmon Data Management and Quality solution we ensure that any type of organization is capable to work with all their data in a full trusted and reliable environment.

Baker Tilly NL

Baker Tilly is an accountancy and consultancy firm that provides relevant answers to questions that concern their customers. They offer a full range of services, from employment law to corporate strategy and advice on IT matters. They are specialists in the public sector and SME and family businesses, and they understand the challenges you face and are standing by to help you.

Exceptional data management for every industry

Regardless of your industry, department, or role, exMon has the tools you need to make sense of your data sets and flows, and provide greater efficiency and transparency so you can improve the decision-making process based on accurate quality data.


For our aviation customers, their key goal is often to minimize costs and ensure revenue regeneration. With our solution at the helm, data can be used effectively to support these goals, enabling clients to gain market share amongst an ever-increasing pool of competitors.

Pharma & Life Science

For pharma companies, exMon solutions are used to ensure aspects such as product categories and dispensary numbers are accurate and monitored 24/7. This ensures that pharma companies are safe and that their customers are receiving correct products, in line with government and medicinal regulations.


Our retail clients use exMon for revenue assurance. This is achieved in-store by monitoring cash registers to ensure all transactions are billed properly and discounts are above board, and online by keeping track of inventory to ensure available stock is always up-to-date to support improved customer satisfaction…


The misuse of data is a growing problem for many industries. Our clients are fighting back and combatting data fraud threats with the exMon data management platform, through increased detection measures and reduced risk exposure.

Payroll and Timesheets

Everything from payroll to employee timesheets is often handled by the finance function, and exMon enables financial teams to track monetary transactions and ensure hours worked are always in line with client expectations with ease.


Companies worldwide are generating and processing inconceivable volumes of data. By using exMon, our clients are placing security at the heart of that data, ensuring regulatory compliance across and beyond borders.

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