— A COMPLETE platform for managing DATA QUALITY

Take control of your data with ease

The exMon data management and quality platform can be broken down into three key solutions, that together, provide an all-in-one data quality solution for all of our client’s requirements. Our lightweight platform simply overlays onto your existing data and systems setup, offering a familiar environment with ease of use.

Discover and profile

  • Find outliers
  • See value distribution
  • Discover patterns in Data


  • Define Data model & queries
  • Define Business Rules
  • Map to KPI’s

Rule workflow

  • Issues assigned to responsible users based on rule owner or from source data.
  • New issues sent via email to assigned data steward(s).
  • Unattended issues escalated to manager or process owner.

Fix and cleanse

  • Issues fixed manually in source system
  • exMon detects and automatically closes fixed issues
  • Easy workflow to create mapping tables for automatic cleansing tables.

Monitor and manage

  • Visualize how the data flows
  • See status of each steps with traffic lights
  • Give end-users access to initiate the process
  • Drill down into issues with detailed information.
  • Reassign, close or snooze.

Measure and analyse

Measure the quality of your data based on e.g. the 6 simensions of Data Quality or by custom business rules and KPI’s.

Get insights into issue trends and processes.

How does it work?

The platform continuously monitors data to detect data quality and integration issues in real-time. If and when the platform picks up incomplete, incorrect, or inaccurate data, an email notification is immediately shared with the appropriate team member(s) so the issue can be resolved quickly.

Based on business rules, exmon continually monitors all the business solutions and systems and their data. If a data exception is identified during this stage, they are assigned to an employee for further investigation. Once assigned, the employee receives an email notification about the data exception, and the employee can then analyze the data more closely.

This enables bad data to be stopped in its tracks as it is not shared with or transferred between, other systems until any issues that have been flagged have been resolved. The result is greater control and more accurate and trustworthy data.

The exMon Data Platform can be broken down into three key solutions, with each solution performing a different data function.

Data Management

provides companies with control over their data

Data governance

prevents bad data from being shared across systems

Process Orchestration

enables businesses to see their data flows and processes in a visual way

— exmon data management

Manage all your data in one place

Structure and manage all of your data in one place with ease, creating a single source of truth. The exMon data management solution works like an add-on, incorporating an additional layer to your existing data systems.

Key features:

  • SQL commands: create complex data commands that are stored as procedures, which can then be used as and when required
  • SQL Azure: simply integrate straight to the SQL Server or Azure databases, hybrid, on-premise or cloud
  • Full audit: every data action is recorded and logged in real-time, which means you can see who did what and when via an audit trail
  • Import data with ease: Extract data from from more than 150 sources with the Fivetran data sync integration feature

— exmon Data governance

Build trust in your data

Get control of your data and prevent bad data from entering your systems, affecting your business. Monitor your data quality and continue to validate and improve data quality. With minimal effort.

Key features:

  • Pre-built rules: select from a library of more than 200 proven monitoring controls, to speed up data processing and management, and save significant resources
  • Enterprise ready: enterprises can easily follow UAT principles within multiple environments, such as on-premise and cloud, with full audits on each data entry and change being logged across systems
  • Compare multiple data sources: verify data across systems by developing reconciliations between multiple data sources to ensure they match
  • Smart troubleshooting: all data stakeholders are notified of any data issues in real-time, via email alerts

— Data Process Management

Orchestrate your entire data process

Our process management solution embeds data quality at the core of a business, assuring accurate and trustworthy data already in your pipeline. Allowing you to visually analyze your data flows.

Key features:

  • ETL support: native support for common ETL tools like SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), Jet Analytics, TimeXtender, and Azure Data Factory
  • Hybrid cloud: easily migrate to the cloud, and orchestrate legacy processes that are running in the cloud and on-premise
  • Runtime analysis: monitor data trends and anomalies in runtime to identify when data loading is taking too long
  • Document the process: better align IT with the overall business with a self-documented visual representation of data processes, so everyone is on the same page
  • Run custom tasks: run and get support with tasks in Command Line, Python, PowerShell, and RESTful Web Services

Wide range of industries

Regardless of your industry, department, or role, exMon has the tools you need to make sense of your data sets and flows, and provide greater efficiency and transparency so you can improve the decision-making process based on accurate quality data.









Why was the exMon Data Platform created?

Your new data management platform was developed with you and your data in mind.

Companies worldwide are becoming increasingly data-driven and digital first, which means the amount of data they produce and consume has – and continues to – grown exponentially. With more data to process, manage and govern, IT departments are becoming a bottleneck due to the huge volume of tasks they must perform on a daily basis.

That’s why, here at exMon, we developed our data platform to make processing, managing, and governing data easier for our clients. This enables data and finance teams to take back control of their data and make better-informed decisions based on accurate and trustworthy data.

Our platform considers everything from budgeting and forecasting, right through to data quality and governance. By ensuring high data quality through continuous monitoring, reporting tasks become much less time-consuming, enabling teams to spend less time manually processing data and creating reports, and more time adding value to the business.

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