Ensuring Data Accuracy and Automating Processes at Valitor with exMon’s Platform

Acquirer, card issuer and payment gateway solutions company, Valitor leveraged exMon to ensure data quality by choosing to eliminate manual processes and embrace automation.

The company

Since its founding in Iceland, 1983, Valitor has been Iceland’s major acquirer, card issuer, and payment gateway solution, with business operations that extend as far as the UK and Ireland. Valitor has recently been acquired by Rapyd, the world’s largest local payments network.

The challenge

Due to rapid international expansion, Valitor was encountering a steep rise in the amount of data and transactions required to maintain the high level of accuracy that their key partners, such as MasterCard and Visa, demanded.

“We were growing quite fast. The data load was manageable 10 years ago when the transaction flows were comparatively small, but once the flows started to grow significantly, the back office couldn’t keep up. We needed a solution to help us avoid human error in manual transactions or we risked facing significant fines for every misstep.”
– Reynir Orn Bachmann Gudmundsson, Business Intelligence Manager, Valitor

Valitor needed to automate its processes to make the business more self-serviceable, but the company also needed to condense the number of different tools it was leveraging on a series of disparate databases.

The solution

In Bachmann’s earliest days with Valitor, there were several different tools in place to enable its business intelligence. The company was leaning heavily on SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) and SQL Server Agent. It wasn’t until a business consultancy entered the frame that the team discovered exMon – according to Bachmann, it was an excellent fit from the beginning:

“We decided to move to exMon because it was far superior as a precision tool. When I first joined the team, one of the things I did was move our processes from XCode agents to exMon. We had all the tools we could ever want at our disposal, but none of them was a good enough fit for us. So we decided to focus exclusively on exMon.”

The benefits

Bachmann stresses the versatility of exMon as a tool for both data quality management and monitoring, alongside orchestration and process automation at Valitor.

  • Process SWIFT transfers: exMon is now critical for automating, and, more importantly, removing the potential for human error from Valitor’s straight-through processing workflow for SWIFT transfers
  • A self-service portal: giving business users the ability to directly access information has greatly reduced the workload of the business intelligence team
  • Quality assurance: while exMon is used across the business, it is particularly valuable in maintaining quality in the data warehouse, enabling Valitor to reconcile past errors and correct discrepancies between systems as they are discovered

Valitor is set to continue using and focusing on exMon as one of the primary orchestration and data quality monitoring tools over the coming years.

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