Maximizing Operational Flexibility and Data Accuracy with exMon: A case study about Air Atlanta

Managing data quality and adapting to operational changes, such as those brought about by COVID-19, can be challenging. In this case study, we will explore how Air Atlanta Icelandic implemented the exMon data management solution to improve data governance and increase agility, enabling the company to effectively respond to changing requirements and ensure the quality of its data and operations.

The Company

Air Atlanta, Icelandic, is one of the largest ACMI (Aircraft, Crew, Maintenance, and Insurance) service providers in the world with almost 20 planes and 1400 employees. They offer tailor-made solutions to other carriers, both in the passenger and cargo industries.

The challenge

Data quality and operational changes, such as changing COVID-19 requirements, were increasingly difficult to adapt to. Furthermore, it was also challenging for end-users to access data sets and refresh data to keep pace with these ongoing changes.

It was critical that the data collected from new COVID-19 operations, was complete, accurate, and up-to-date to ensure adequate data governance.

Air Atlanta also needed a tool that was easy for anyone and everyone – who had the correct access permissions – to access, view, and refresh data.

A solution that ensures data quality and governance, while providing increased agility and flexibility was required to make these goals a reality.

The solution

Air Atlanta critically required a data quality solution that could not only keep pace with changing operational requirements but also provide ease of access and greater visibility to those who needed data access.

Additional steps into day-to-day operations were required to adhere to new and continuously-changing COVID-19 requirements, such as PCR tests and vaccine status.

The company was already successfully using the exMon data management solution to decrease the costs associated with bad data in its Trax maintenance system – read the full case study here – so, it was an easy choice to use the platform for alternative business cases.

exMon Process Management was used to provide quick and easy data access to end users that required it, enabling employees with the correct permissions to access, view, and refresh data sets as needed.

Alongside, exMon Data Governance enabled Air Atlanta to ensure quality of data and operations with correct, accurate, and up-to-date data in real time. This allowed the chartered airline to react quickly to operational changes that were associated with COVID-19.

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