— it’s All about quality

We enable data-driven business with trustworthy data

It’s our mission to empower businesses to make accurate decisions based on real-time data. The world is changing, and companies are increasingly becoming more digital and data-driven in their decisions – that’s why organizations need a world-class data tool that they can rely on, to ensure data integrity.

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Built for efficiency, developed for quality

The use of a data solutions rely on the quality of the data in it. exMon was therefore created to ensure trustworthy and reliable data

Our Core Values

These are the foundation on which we stand, and they guide us in everything we do.

By keeping true to our core values, we will stay resilient, optimistic, and open-minded

‘þetta reddast’ [thet-tah redt’-ahst]

At exMon, we value our Icelandic heritage, interdependence, and trust, as well as the honor with which we treat others. We recognize that complexity is increasing in the world around us – but this doesn’t mean we can’t rise to meet those challenges. In fact, it opens up more opportunities than ever before.

We have a saying here in Iceland when life becomes challenging, ‘þetta reddast’, which translates to ‘this will resolve’. By keeping true to our core values, we will stay resilient, optimistic, and open-minded – finding ways to overcome whatever comes our way and supporting our clients with quality solutions.

We believe our employees are the most important part of our company. We work hard to create a safe, welcoming environment where they can grow and develop their skills. By connecting our employees with a real purpose –the idea that together, we can make a difference – we create opportunities for them to exceed expectations and win together as a global workplace filled with diverse people who feel valued and empowered.

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Life at exmon

It needs to be fun. By gathering passionate, energetic and unique individuals that align with our mission of building trust and enabling data-driven decisions in modern business

Career at exmon

Do you see yourself aligning with our core values and contributing to more trust and data-driven decision making in business


Management team

Gunnar Steinn Magnusson
Gunnar Steinn MagnussonCEO
Background in software and business development and was part of developing exmon
Kristinn Már Magnusson
Kristinn Már MagnussonCTO
Background in BI implementations for the past 20 years
Helga Dögg Björgvinsdóttir
Helga Dögg BjörgvinsdóttirCOO
Vast international experience from several managing roles with e.g. Microsoft
Daniel D. Dyhr Thyrring
Daniel D. Dyhr ThyrringCCO
Experienced sales and marketing professional med international experience in B2B
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