Data Governance made easy

Gain control and trust in your data

Gain control and trust in your data with our easy to use and flexible data governance platform.

Trusted by many world-class brands and organisations of all sizes

Take back control of your data

Our solutions monitor your data around the clock to detect any potential issues in the quality of your data and its integration with other internal systems, so your bottom line isn’t impacted in any way.

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Exceptional Data Management

We provide you with everything you need to make your data work harder for your business and deliver greater value to optimize results.

Data management

The exMon data management platform enables simple data management via a single repository, which can also be used for data that has no home, such as KPIs and business targets.

Data governance

Stop bad data in its tracks and take back control of your data with exMon data governance, which governs data on your internal systems to protect against misuse.

Process Orchestration

Bring your data processes to life visually with the exMon, enabling you to gain greater visibility and transparency of your data flows, incorporating quality checks and allowing to refresh data on demand for reporting purposes.

Continous Monitoring

Manage operational risk caused by bad data and act in due time before loss of revenue, reputation or increased amounts of non-value work. We help you decrease cost of doing business and by validating data and improved efficiency.

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Don’t take our word for it

Exceptional data management for every industry

Regardless of your industry, department, or role, exMon has the tools you need to make sense of your data sets and flows, and provide greater efficiency and transparency so you can improve the decision-making process based on accurate quality data.


For our aviation customers, their key goal is often to minimize costs and ensure revenue regeneration. With our solution at the helm, data can be used effectively to support these goals, enabling clients to gain market share amongst an ever-increasing pool of competitors.

Pharma & Life Science

For pharma companies, exMon solutions are used to ensure aspects such as product categories and dispensary numbers are accurate and monitored 24/7. This ensures that pharma companies are safe and that their customers are receiving correct products, in line with government and medicinal regulations.


Our retail clients use exMon for revenue assurance. This is achieved in-store by monitoring cash registers to ensure all transactions are billed properly and discounts are above board, and online by keeping track of inventory to ensure available stock is always up-to-date to support improved customer satisfaction…


The misuse of data is a growing problem for many industries. Our clients are fighting back and combatting data fraud threats with the exMon data management platform, through increased detection measures and reduced risk exposure.

Payroll and Timesheets

Everything from payroll to employee timesheets is often handled by the finance function, and exMon enables financial teams to track monetary transactions and ensure hours worked are always in line with client expectations with ease.


Companies worldwide are generating and processing inconceivable volumes of data. By using exMon, our clients are placing security at the heart of that data, ensuring regulatory compliance across and beyond borders.

— Manage all your data in one place

A home for data that has no home

Highly configurable, easy to use, integrates with existing solutions and reduces manual oversight of data and metadata. Get out of your spreadsheets for handling extra attributes and kpi’s.

Exmon includes a home for data that has no home. Our data management features seamlessly generates a spreadsheet UI based on a SQL server for easy integration and automatic logging of changes.

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