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Data quality errors and exceptions to business processes lead to lost revenue and added costs.

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Data Quality

Data-driven decisions require trusted data. Develop business rules in exMon that continuously monitor your business data and processes, notifying you when something comes up.

Data Management

Manage and enrich your master- and reference data with a cloud first MDM solution that supports rapid and easy development of models.

Revenue Assurance

Data entry mistakes in sales result in on average 2% revenue leakage. Make sure you are invoicing all sales transactions correctly and in time by actively monitoring your sales and billing processes.

Operational Risk Management

Make sure you measure, monitor and report on the Operational Risk Management plan you put in place to demonstrate your operational excellence.

Before our Inventory Provisioning process was manual Excel exercise that took days every quarterly. With exMon we have largely automated the process that now takes hours and can now be done monthly. exMon has become our tool of choice to automate our reporting processes.

Thorbergur Olafsson, Global Director of Business Intelligence, Alvogen

Teva operates hundreds of data driven business processes from a mosaic of applications to ensure daily alignment of 40.000 colleagues worldwide.

Deploying the exMon Platform has helped expose the quality of our Data Fabric in multiple dimensions. Not only by efficiently identifying missing, wrong or late data entries in a smart designed feedback loop to data contributors, but more importantly … triggered a dialogue on how well our data can support automated workflows and tell the stories that need to be told for better decision making.

exMon enhances the trust in our data, fuels the cycle of organizational learning and forces the Digital Transformation to live up to its promise … gain Competitive Advantage!

Arne Solmundsson, Director Infrastructure, Processes & Data (Teva EU Portfolio)

exMon has given my team an insight into the BI process that we did not have before, giving us peace of mind when using our cubes. Being able to start processes ourselves has increased the usage of our BI system dramatically in our department.

Elísabet Ólöf Allwood, Head of FP&A at Vodafone

Customer stories

exMon is trusted by customers in a wide range of industries, many of which have improved their operations significantly by implementing continuous monitoring with exMon. Each client has their own set of challenges and opportunities which they have tackled with exMon.
See how exMon has helped them gain control and save money and time.

Industries and Departments

It doesn’t matter if you are responsible for a specific business function within your organization or the company as a whole. exMon is tailored to your specific needs and monitors the processes and data you care about. Read about how our clients have been using exMon to save money and time in their organizations.


The aviation industry is capital intensive and highly competitive which makes it important to minimize costs and ensure all revenue. Monitor everything from scheduling and maintenance to catering and loyalty clubs.



The telecom industry is known for complex infrastructure and number of transactions. The risk of revenue leakage becomes greater as processes and infrastructure become more complex.



Revenue assurance is one of retails main focus. Our retail clients use exMon to monitor multiple cash registers (or tills) to make sure that every transaction is billed correctly. Other common issues they face is data integrity from master to tills, inventory inspection, and unusually high discounts.


Fraud and misuse

Part of every business is the threat of fraud and misuse. According to surveys, the retail industry loses on average 1.5% of revenue to fraud. The banking industry, healthcare industry, and manufacturing industry are also especially at risk of fraud and misuse.


Financial Controls

The financial controller in every business is responsible for the accounting operations of the company. This includes the production of financial reports, maintenance of a system of accounting records and a set of controls and budgets designed to mitigate risk, enhance the accuracy of accounting records and comply with GAAP and internal financial reporting standards.



Data is becoming more important in every business and traditional industries are rapidly turning into data industries. Company’s IT systems contain both sensitive and confidential data that if compromised, can have damaging results.


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