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Book a demo

If you like what you’ve seen so far, why not book a data management platform demo to discover how exMon works, and how it can help transform your business through data excellence?

What to expect

Our demo calls last for thirty minutes, and there’s no commitment required on your side to sign up afterward.

The call is broken down into three sections:

  • A brief conversation to assess what exmon can do to help you with your data management strategy

  • Live product demo with insight into how to get the most out of the exmon platform

  • We’ll discuss your data management goals to help determine the best path forward for your business

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and organisations of all sizes

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Don’t take our word for it

Why choose exmon?

Rapid time to value

Start simple, get quick wins and value while building. Think big, build long-term value.

Enterprise ready

Dev > Test > Prod version control and granular access control and on-premise.

Flexible and scalable

Develop complex business rules and workflows, that fits, and scale as you go.

Linking IT & Business

Bridge the IT-Business gap. Supporting your development of a strong data culture.

What is featured?

As part of the platform demo, a member of the exMon team will take you through some of the innovative features and capabilities of our data platform to show you how to get started quickly and to benefit the most from data management:

  • Getting setup on the platform
  • The control library
  • How to discover and profile your data
  • Automated data issue delegation to data stewards
  • Data quality control setup
  • Data quality reporting tools
  • Bringing your data processes to life with visualization
  • How to secure your data

Discover how others use exmon

if you want to discover more exMon use cases, then learn how others have used the exmon platform

Customer stories

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