The exMon data quality platform is a powerful solution help you gain trust in data and processes. The platform contains number of solutions for specific implementations.

Data Quality Management

Get your Data in order!
Mistakes in data entry, integration issues between business solutions and data corruption with third party data has serious business impact. Quality data ensures the invoicing process and makes sure that bad data does not escalate into time-consuming and expensive manual fixes.

exMon is a complete solution for data quality management.

Discover & Profile
The first step to creating a Data Quality rule is to understand the data. exMon can analyze the source data and give a comprehensive overview and insight into the data to better understand where anomalies lie.

Define Rules
Easily deploy rules to detect anomalies in your data, write specific SQL or select from our set of standard rules.

Issues & Workflow
Detected exceptions are logged as Issues and assigned to a Data Steward. Issues can be assigned to an escalation workflow to ensure response time.

Monitor & Manage
Measure the overall Health of Data and how the overall trend of Data Quality is progressing. Map Issues to 6 Data Quality dimensions of Data quality (Completeness, Consistency, Uniqueness, Accuracy, Timeliness & Validity), define a threshold and get a comprehensive Data Quality assessment.
exMon includes standard dashboards to help you monitor health in addition to a reporting layer that allows you to create custom dashboards with Power BI, Tableau or Excel.


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