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With many different options for data management available in the marketplace, deciding which is the best solution for your business can present quite a predicament. The effective management of data is critical for any business, and the data management service you choose can either set you on the pathway to success or to failure. 

With some thorough insight and detail into what the alternative data services can offer, you will be in a much more informed position to confidently make a decision. Here we take a look at what Exmon offers in comparison to the well-known Microsoft Master Data Services.


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Enhancing Cybersecurity and Data Protection

Same Purpose, Different Approach, Added Value. 


When the goal is to provide efficient data management, what factors need to be considered to ensure you are choosing the best fit for your company? With regards to Microsoft Master Data Services and Exmon, the answer lies largely in how the two services have been designed to contribute towards ease of use and adoption. Exmon has kept accessibility front of mind in this regard, acknowledging where systems from the past could be improved upon and using this information to present an enhanced, user-friendly offering. 


Microsoft Master Data Services is decidedly one of the best-known providers in the marketplace. However, with support being discontinued, many are now deciding on where to migrate services to.


To help answer if Exmon is a good alternative for you, let’s take a closer look at what Master Data Services offers in comparison to Exmon Data Management. 

What does Microsoft Master Data Services offer?


  • A prominent and long-standing solution for master data management
  • Enables the management of the organization’s master set of data 
  • A centralized system that is auditable and flexibly structured
  • Built on top of Microsoft SQL Server technology
  • Requires additional integrations to achieve the maximum desired functionality
  • An on-premises solution only
  • Master data can be shared within the organization via Excel

What does Exmon offer?

  • A user-friendly, simple interface that eliminates the usual access difficulties
  • Cloud and on-premises: ideal for on-premises, cloud, and hybrid environments 
  • SQL-based – no need for API integrations
  • Lightweight and interchangeable solution
  • Enables easy data management via a single repository
  • Allows the entire team to take ownership of the data
  • Highly configurable and easily integrated with existing solutions
  • Native support for extensions with i.e. Powershell and Python
  • Eliminates bad data: continuously monitors data to ensure consistent quality
  • Ensures data is 100% accurate before being transferred between internal systems
  • Supports regulatory compliance by enforcing industry-specific governance policies
  • Provides great visibility by bringing data to life visually
  • The easy import or replacement of your flat files and spreadsheets with manual input e.g. KPIs and business targets
Financial Master Data Management

Exmon Ticks all the Boxes Plus More

For anyone who is looking to migrate data management services to a new provider, Exmon is the option that does everything Microsoft Master Data Services does, but with added value and flexibility. 

Exmon provides a seamless migration to a data management system that ensures completely trustworthy data due to rigorous around-the-clock monitoring and quality controls. 

The Exmon Data Management system also enables you to take back control of your data. In the past, bulky interfaces meant that data management was the exclusive domain of the IT departments. But with ease of use being a fundamental principle of Exmon’s system, plus various access controls, anyone on the team who requires access is now empowered to take ownership of their data.

The best of it? Migration is simple and easy

It is not only simple to migrate your data and history, models, and hierarchies, but also setting up your business rules and data quality validation checks within Exmon is equally uncomplicated. 

We will be happy to assist – let’s start the conversation today. 


Ready to experience the power of Exmon Data Management and move to the cloud with your master data management?

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