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Exceptional data management

Whether you’re looking to increase the quality of your data, omit operational risk, ensure regulatory compliance or simply create a single source of truth for all your data, the exMon data management platform can help.

We’ve worked with a wide range of industries to help businesses achieve their data requirement goals, to drive business value and increase data efficiencies company-wide.

Take a look at some of our data management use cases below to see how exMon can help improve your data habits.

Continuous Monitoring

Data Governance

Data Quality

Master Data Management

Become truly data-driven and turn data into value

Data quality errors and exceptions to business processes lead to lost revenue and added costs.


exmon controls are actively monitoring data and data processes for our clients

Catching Over


exceptions before it is escalted into lost revenues or added cost

Data governance illustration

— Data Governance

Achieving Greater Visibility and Control with Data Governance

Without adequate data governance, businesses are taking risks with the quality of the information and insights they need to make well-informed business decisions. But who’s enforcing these policies? Discover why a data stewardship program, paired with a data management platform with governance at its core helps ensure that your data remains secure and compliant…

— Data Quality management

Unlocking the Full Potential of Your Data with Improved Quality

Data quality can mean the difference between losing and making money. With data standards in place, businesses can learn to trust their data again, and gain increased value from greater insights. Learn how exMon can help you to enforce data quality standards with around-the-clock monitoring, and omit bad data altogether…

Understand your data better, with actionable insights to
Eye continuously monitoring data

— Continuous monitoring

Reducing Risk and Improving Decision Making with Continuous Data Monitoring

Keeping track of accounts payable, invoicing, and man hours can be a challenge for businesses – not doing it correctly can significantly impact business revenue and growth. Discover how exMon can reduce your operational risk by ensuring faulty or incorrect invoices and time logs are never an issue again…

— Master DAta management

Improving Decision Making with Reliable Master Data

Creating a single source of truth for all data can be a long and arduous process, especially when a business is leveraging a standard data management solution to secure and process data. Find out how exMon can help you create a central data repository that all departments can reap the benefits of…

Ensure a single source of truth with efficient Master Data Management
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