The exMon data quality platform is a powerful solution help you gain trust in data and processes. The platform contains number of solutions for specific implementations.

Revenue Assurance

Don‘t let gaps in processes and poor data quality result in missed revenues.

Revenue leakage is a risk in any industry handles high volumes. According to Global revenue assurance survey 2013 by Ernst & Young, the telecom industry loses 1.1% of revenue as revenue leakage and 0.6% as fraud leakage.

With exMon you ensure that all revenues are invoiced and collected.

Identify Risks

Map processes and connect to data sources to understand the sources of revenue leakage.

Define Rules

Create business rules that make sure the processes run smoothly. Is all metered usage connected to a valid contract? Are all customers correctly defined? Are there sales transactions made with unusual discount?

Issues & Workflow

All exceptions to normal business flow are logged and assigned to employees that can fix the issue. Issues are handled as soon as they come up and therefore do not escalate into bigger issues that is more expensive to fix.

Monitor & Manage

Measure how revenue leakage is improving over time and highlight areas for improvement. Focus on specific sources of data or types of exceptions to quickly understand issues.

Learn how Vodafone Iceland used exMon to ensure their revenues and expedite their monthly financial closing:

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