The exMon data quality platform is a powerful solution help you gain trust in data and processes. The platform contains number of solutions for specific implementations.

Operational Risk Management

Make sure you measure, monitor and report on the Operational Risk Managment plan you put in place to demonstrate you operational excellence.

Indentify Risk

Understaning the specific risk areas of your business is the key to indentify risk and to make the nessary preperation for defining the contral point and do the risk assessment.

Define the control points, measure and mitigate

After the contral points are implemented and put in action we measure outcome and risk factors to understand how to mitigate these risk to limit the company exposure to the risk and potential damage.

Monitor and report

Continious monitoring and reporting is essential to demonstrate how effective the risk management plan is including visulise improvements, support to risk decisions and increase the overall operational excellence.

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