The exMon data quality platform is a powerful solution help you gain trust in data and processes. The platform contains number of solutions for specific implementations.

Reference & Master Data Management

An MDM solution standardizes data through out the organization creating a central hub for both Master dimensions like Customer, Vendor Product etc. It also contains standards for reference data like Country Codes, exMon Data Management.

Data Governance

Define Data Quality rules and ownership of Data. Spread the work of maintaining your critical data to the people who are responsible and get issues resolved quickly.


Our solution is flexible to handle any kind of data domain wether it is Customers, Vendors, Products, Accounts or something else.


We integrate with the leading cloud providers to get the data synchronized to the central repository. exMon also has an integration module for loading from source systems.


„Before our Inventory Provisioning process was manual Excel exercise that took days every quarterly. With exMon we have largely automated the process that now takes hours and can now be done monthly. exMon has become our tool of choice to automate our reporting processes.“
-Thorbergur Olafsson, Global Director of Business Intelligence, Alvogen

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