The exMon data quality platform is a powerful solution help you gain trust in data and processes. The platform contains number of solutions for specific implementations.

Revenue Recognizion

Are all your products registered correctly on all your systems? Are some customers getting unusually high discounts?

Write controls in exMon that look for exceptions in your business processes and get notified as soon as something strange occurs.

exMon monitors business systems at the data layer and can query almost any business solution, be it SAP, Navision, Axapta or even home-grown systems.

When exMon finds a strange entry in your system, it creates a case in our case management portal, assigns it to a person and ensures that the issue is resolved.

Data Quality Management

All exceptions exMon finds are unique and assigned to a person or a group that is responsible for fixing that entry.

Exceptions are available in our case management portal and the important exceptions are also sent by email. You can monitor progress and escalate exceptions to ensure serious issues do not fall through the cracks.

Exceptions can be assigned based on a variety of properties. For example, exMon can assign sales related exceptions straight to the person responsible for the sale or the store manager. This ensures that the exception is delivered to a person that can take action.

When the entry is fixed in the source system, exMon automatically recognizes it and resolves the issues.

Monitor data and process quality

Are your processes improving or getting worse?

exMon audit history allows you to see how data and process quality is performing in your organization.

With exMon reporting, you can see if the number of exceptions for a specific control or a division is increasing or getting better. Furthermore, you can also see how quickly your team is responding to exceptions.

And many more

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