exMon 4.6 – Release Notes

We are happy to release exMon 4.6 with exciting new features and improvements.

Before we introduce what’s new with exMon we want to highlight our new support home: support.exmon.com. There you can create new support tickets and view your current and past tickets. Tickets are assigned to an agent that is best equipped to work on the issue to ensure quality support. You can also send an email to  support@expectus.is to create new tickets.
What is new with exMon 4.6:

What is new with exMon 4.6:

Email Summary

Email Summary is a new feature in exMon that allows you to gain a better overview of the status of exMon exceptions. You can, for example, create an end-of-week email containing all sales related tests that is sent to key people in your organization.
The summary contains an overview status and optionally all new and/or open exceptions for each test.

Email Summary

Right click Email Summary in exMon Administrator to create a new Email Summary.


Process Map diagram editor

The process maps in exMon have depended on external tools, most frequently Microsoft Visio. Although exMon seamlessly saves and opens Visio files, this has been a hurdle that slows the development of process maps in exMon. With exMon 4.6 we introduce an integrated process map editor. Simply click Background to start editing the background and drag-and-drop elements and images into place. Your existing maps will continue to work, both Visio and PNG imports, but new process map default to our new integrated editor. To change editors select “Editor Types” in the property grid.

Your existing maps will continue to work, both Visio and PNG imports, but new process map default to our new integrated editor. To change editors select “Editor Types” in the property grid.

process map diagram

Performance improvements

In this release, we focused on the performance of exMon. We went over most used functions of exMon and analyzed where we could increase performance. Significant performance improvements can be found in:

  • Executing tasks (packages, queries, processes and so forth)
  • Executing multiple queries in parallel with up to 40% improvement
  • Opening and saving objects in exMon Administrator.

Other improvements

exMon Framework

  • More descriptive information when query fails because of primary key issues in the data
  • Images in email templates were not visible in reports or queries
  • Executing processes with incorrect execution job id, executed the entire process
  • Improved look for process emails where no map is associated
  • Package timeout emails were not always sent
  • Better error messages and logging when an Execution Connection fails
  • Logs are now cleaned up regularly
  • Quotation marks for package parameters did not work as expected
  • Datetime incremental columns now use ISO8601 format
  • Usage is now logged to database for auditing purposes
  • XML import/sync now supports folders
  • Compare queries now use less memory than before and release it earlier
  • Replying/forwarding exMon emails no longer have a gray background color
  • Ability to disable and enable execution jobs

exMon Administrator

  • Moving queries between systems now also moves associated exceptions
  • SAP improvements: Better error messages, session handling, more SAP versions etc.
  • Users can be sorted into folders


  • Subprocesses are now listed in execution order instead of alphabetically
  • Tasks could turn yellow even if process was executed successfully
  • User customizations on the portal are reset when columns are added to a test


  • Better experience when installing exMon for the first time. Data providers, email settings, portal settings with better defaults
  • Upgrading older installs with non-standard paths now upgrades the Command Service correctly

Contact support@expectus.is to upgrade to exMon 4.6

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