Exception Manager Process Type

Exception Manager has two Process Types, Exception Process(default) and Approve Process. Setting the process type differentiates how exceptions are dealt with by users in the portal.

When working with an Exception Process users have two specific options, they can mark exceptions as:

  • Fixed: If exception is created when task is ran the next time, exception will be re-opened.
  • Not an Exception: Exception is closed and will not be re-opened if it next run includes it.


Similarly Approve Process has two specific options to mark exceptions as:

  • Approved: Exception has been approved by a user and will not show up again.
  • Decline: A user has declined exception, which makes it show up, until it has been dealt with appropriately in underlying system.

Along with these options a user has standard options that are available in both Process Types, which are Snooze and Assign To.

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