Data Provider Groups

Some companies have the same or similar data sources on multiple locations.  This can for example be a Point of sales system with databases at each store.
A common use case would be to compare product prices between a master database and each store.

With Data Provider Groups you can create a single test that monitors pricing errors at each store.


How to create a test using Data Provider Groups

  1. Create new Data Provider Group by right clicking Data Providers and selecting New Data Provider Group
  2. Select database type and add your stores to Selected Data Providers.


  3. Create a new Compare Query
  4. Query your master database in the left query
  5. Select your Data Provider Group and query your store databases in the right query
  6. Map key and value columns
  7. Add to schedule

Now you can preview your test


Executing Queries with Data Provider Groups

There are two main differences between executing a query using a normal Data Provider and a query using Data Provider Groups:

  • A Data Provider Group will not marked as successful unless all its Data Providers succeed.
  • A Query against a Data Provider Group will finish processing all successful data providers even if one or more fail (that is, processing exceptions and email)

Note: Data Provider Groups can contain other Data Provider Groups, which allows users to create Data Provider hierarchies.

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