Create link to underlying data source

To fix exceptions created by exMon, users most of the time need to go into an underlying data source and fix the data. If the query contains an ID from the underlying system, the exception can be set up to contain a link to the data of the data source itself. This offers exMon user a much quicker way to fix exceptions that arise.


Lets say user has a query that checks sales pipeline to ensure that sales have been followed up before their due date. If an exception rises from this query, the user wants to open a form in Sharepoint that shows the details of the particular sales opportunity. From there user can contact the owner of the sales opportunity to resolve the issue.

To make a link from each exception to the Sharepoint form, user first creates a query like this:



Now user opens Column Formatting and changes the LinkToSharepoint column to format as Textile:



Now the column will be formatted as a link that opens a window, in this case under


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