Industries and Departments

It doesn’t matter if you are responsible for a specific business function within your organization or the company as a whole. exMon is tailored to your specific needs and monitors the processes and data you care about.


In the airline industry, one of the most important measurement is AOG or Aircraft On Ground. Our aviation clients use exMon to monitor a wide range of operational risk issues to ensure that their fleet is maximizing uptime. These issues range from validating customer data, detecting fraudulent bookings to monitoring loyalty club transactions and aircraft maintenance schedules.

Read how Air Atlanta ensures aircraft utilization in the Air Atlanta case study.

Examples of controls our aviation clients are using:


  • Monitor delays of more than 180 minutes. Possible penalty flights
  • Check if the explanation for delay times fits discrepancy between real and scheduled departure (secure registration of delays)
  • Missing fuel data or logbook data
  • Monitor if there is an available aircraft for lease or use (aircraft on the ground for more than 24 hrs.)
  • Check if aircraft is exchanged with another with less seat capacity than originally booked
  • Check if lack of information about the airport at registration (new airport)


Service codes:

  • Monitor meals that have been canceled, but traveler still active
  • Monitor grown-ups that have ordered children’s meals
  • Monitor flights with an unusually high registration of unaccompanied minors
  • Monitor flights where travel date or hour has been changed and customer contact is needed
  • Monitor discrepancies between catering suppliers and cooked meals


  • Overbooked flights
  • Monitor unnaturally/unusually large group bookings
  • Monitor flights with unnaturally low booking X days before departure
  • Informational reports
  • All catering orders to suppliers 72h, 24h, 12h
  • Daily flight schedule next 3 days pr. airport (sent to every airport)
  • Monthly flight schedules next 30 days pr. airport (sent to every airport)


  • Registered shifts versus payments to crew
  • Pilot and maintenance certifications


  • Bookings close to departure
  • Blacklist of names/emails
  • Unusual travel plan


  • Orders older than X days
  • Spare parts not returning to inventory
  • Inventory compared to forecasts
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