Industries and Departments

It doesn’t matter if you are responsible for a specific business function within your organization or the company as a whole. exMon is tailored to your specific needs and monitors the processes and data you care about.

Fraud and misuse

Part of every business is the threat of fraud and misuse. According to surveys, the retail industry loses on average 1.5% of revenue to fraud. The banking industry, healthcare industry, and manufacturing industry are also especially at risk of fraud and misuse.

Time registrations

  • Missing time transactions
  • Late time transactions


  • Unusually high discounts compared to previous sales, product groups or customer cards
  • Returns of goods
  • Uncharged charges
  • Employees processing sales/transactions from relatives

Travel spend

  • Invoices versus budgeted amount
  • Specific invoice amounts, for example, domestic flights or hotel bookings, compared to specified normal ranges.
  • Out of policy add-ons for expenses. For example business class seat, extra baggage, hotel room-service charges
  • Double reimbursement
  • Out-of-pocket expenses

Vendor Overcharges

  • Duplicate invoices from a vendor
  • Fluctuation in invoice amounts from vendors
  • Invoice prices compared to agreement prices

Unusual activity

  • Activity in certain security areas and doors after business hours
  • An unusual opening of cash registers

Inventory shrinkage

  • Fluctuations in shrinkage between periods
  • Comparison of shrinkage between stores
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