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exmon for Sales and marketing teams

Create a single source of truth combining business, sales and marketing data

The days of sales and marketing teams working in silos are long gone, so shouldn’t the same now apply to the data that’s often shared between them? By adopting a data management platform that overlays current systems, businesses can reduce friction between the sales and marketing teams, IT and data teams about creating second and third-data truths. This is achieved by providing sales and marketing with the easy-to-use data tools they need to get on with the job at hand.

Exceptional Data Management
for sales and marketing teams

  • Eliminate data silos
  • Enable the sales team to do what they do best
  • Facilitate timely and targeted marketing campaigns

Become truly data-driven and turn data into value

Data quality errors and exceptions to business processes lead to lost revenue and added costs.


exmon controls are actively monitoring data and data processes for our clients

Catching Over


exceptions before it is escalted into lost revenues or added cost

Eliminate data silos

Not having interoperable systems in place across sales and martech stacks is the perfect environment for bad data to thrive. This fuels inaccurate reporting, facilitates bad decision-making, and ultimately, creates inefficiencies across departments.

By overlaying existing solutions with the exMon platform, the systems that sales and marketing teams use are automatically cross-checked daily to ensure data records are aligned and properly tagged. Not only does this eliminate data silos but it also eliminates the need to manually upload data sets to different systems. If a data issue is detected, such as incorrect or incomplete customer data, the data owner is automatically notified to resolve the issue.

Poor data quality cause losses of up to 30% of revenue

According to recent Salesforce research, the average business loses 30% of its annual revenue to poor data quality, and bad data can wreak havoc on the sales pipeline and sales data management.

With exMon data quality, sales teams can ensure high quality data to make better-informed decisions, knowing that the data at their fingertips is correct, complete, and up-to-date as it’s continually monitored. With the data at their convenience, the sales team can get instant access to the most up-to-date information from Salesforce, Hubspot, and colleagues in marketing, finance, or legal. This lets sales do what they do best – understand your customers better.

Data governance illustration

Facilitate timely and targeted marketing campaigns

44% of companies cite CRM data quality as one of the top contributors that lead to forecast inaccuracy.

The exMon data management platform boasts continuous monitoring, which means alerts are automatically shared when data challenges within CRM systems are detected, such as overdue opportunities or meetings with no disposition.

Often, marketing data sources are difficult or time-consuming to ingest and pull from data warehouses, and often demand a lot of maintenance (the integrations) due to API updates etc.

Self-service data ingestion becomes quick and easy for any non-technical users with exMon’s built-in Fivetran integrator. Marketing teams can securely and reliably build data pipelines to a data warehouse for further analysis.

Automated data pipelines and effective marketing data management also make it simple for marketing users to discover, capture and integrate data for in-depth analysis and reporting, even if they lack technical skills This facilitates a holistic view of marketing data, which enables marketers to run timely and better-targeted campaigns to deliver improved results.

Remove gaps and the transfer of bad data in your data pipeline

Bad data entering your systems can have a catastrophic domino effect on your business.

exMon’s intelligent data process management with embedded data quality controls helps you ensure that bad data will not infect your data platform and systems.

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Keep data active

Not all data needs attention, therefore not all data should be stopped from being transferred between systems.

exMon supplies a process that keeps data active, this allows you to run your data pipeline as soon as a job is done, instead of making unnecessary time gaps between jobs.

Provide real-time visibility

In order to make informed, revenue-generating decisions, stakeholders need access to data quality insights, KRIs, KPIs, and key areas of risk quickly and easily.

exMon provides this access with visualization storyboards and reporting with your favorite reporting tools like Power BI or Tableau.

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