exmon for Operational teams

Operate your business more efficiently with good data quality

Take full advantage of your supply chain’s rich data and help your business do business faster, more efficiently, and better than the competition with exMon’s operations data management.

Exceptional Data Management
for Operation teams

  • Improve inventory, product quality, and customer satisfaction
  • Resolve data issues before they impact the bottom line
  • Streamline data and build better and more trustworthy analytics

Become truly data-driven and turn data into value

Data quality errors and exceptions to business processes lead to lost revenue and added costs.


exmon controls are actively monitoring data and data processes for our clients

Catching Over


exceptions before it is escalted into lost revenues or added cost

Improve inventory, product quality, and customer satisfaction

Data quality doesn’t stop with the data itself, but by monitoring integrations and data flows.

The exMon platform ensures consistency throughout your business systems to provide a holistic view of the product life cycle, enabling operations teams to improve inventory, product quality, and customer satisfaction.

Learn how Air Atlanta improved their inventory and decreased Aircraft on Ground (AOG)

Easily maintain data

Protect the bottom line by resolving data issues before they occur.

By attaining control of your data with exMon, you enable opportunities for AI and machine learning to conduct i.e. predictive maintenance.

Migrate or control data transfers between systems and ensure that bad data can’t infiltrate your systems, to mitigate risks from integration failures and resolve issues before they can occur.

Data governance illustration

Streamline data

Secure business operations and processes that have the biggest impact on your revenue and growth.

exMon allows you to manage big data sets, and cleanse, prepare and enrich your data to improve business analytics and forecasting and instill greater trust in your data.

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