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exmon for Data and ANalytics teams

Empower your business and ensure seamless data management

With data stewardship enablement and data quality dashboards that point you directly to what needs attention, the exMon platform provides everything you need to support the business with data management, to ensure seamless data management and improved data quality across the whole business.

Exceptional Data Management
for data and analytics teams

  • Data stewardship enablement

  • Simple user interface

  • Eliminate time spent looking for errors

  • Remove gaps and the transfer of bad data in your data pipeline

  • Keep data active

  • Provide real-time visibility

Become truly data-driven and turn data into value

Data quality errors and exceptions to business processes lead to lost revenue and added costs.


exmon controls are actively monitoring data and data processes for our clients

Catching Over


exceptions before it is escalted into lost revenues or added cost

Data stewardship enablement

It’s crucial that stewards can implement data quality controls at business-critical points along the data flow.

With exMon, if a complex rule doesn’t already exist is needed, stewards can route a request to IT specialists for creation.

Data quality can also be managed through features that reduce false positives, enable forensic investigation of a flow’s quality, and help prioritize fixes according to their financial impact. Tests run at scale, either on data at rest or in transit.

When data quality issues are identified, a ticket can be generated automatically that alerts a data steward to intervene, giving them greater control of data quality.

Simple user interface

Data management is no longer only for the IT team.

Give back control of data to data owners with exMon. With no coding and simple functionality, the most appropriate people for a data set can get involved with cleaning data and driving business value.

exMon empowers data teams to spend less time on non-value operational work by handing over data stewardship to business users and instead, focusing on being proactive in handling data failures.

Data governance illustration

Eliminate time spent looking for errors

Don’t spend time searching for data that requires attention. The exMon platform will notify you via email if integration or bad data issues occur, with a complete logo of the error, when it happened and what data streams and reports have been impacted.

Alongside, exMon’s data quality dashboard, packages data quality issues into concrete tasks for the data team and data stewards to handle, enabling you to tackle huge technical data departments with confidence.

Remove gaps and the transfer of bad data in your data pipeline

Bad data entering your systems can have a catastrophic domino effect on your business.

exMon’s intelligent data process management with embedded data quality controls helps you ensure that bad data will not infect your data platform and systems.

Data governance illustration

Keep data active

Not all data needs attention, therefore not all data should be stopped from being transferred between systems.

exMon supplies a process that keeps data active, this allows you to run your data pipeline as soon as a job is done, instead of making unnecessary time gaps between jobs.

Provide real-time visibility

In order to make informed, revenue-generating decisions, stakeholders need access to data quality insights, KRIs, KPIs, and key areas of risk quickly and easily.

exMon provides this access with visualization storyboards and reporting with your favorite reporting tools like Power BI or Tableau.

Data governance illustration
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