The aircraft carrier implemented exMon to reduce bad data, which was incurring significant costs during AOG (aircraft on ground) time.

Improvements in Data Quality and Efficiency with exMon: How Air Atlanta Reduced AOG Time and Costs

Air Atlanta, Icelandic, is one of the largest ACMI service providers in the world. In order to reduce AOG time and costs, the company implemented exMon, a data management solution that improved data quality and scheduling efficiencies. As a result, Air Atlanta has saved a considerable amount of rework and ensured that its aircrafts are fully utilized.

The company

Air Atlanta, Icelandic, is one of the largest ACMI (Aircraft, Crew, Maintenance, and Insurance) service providers in the world with almost 20 planes and 1400 employees. They offer tailor-made solutions to other carriers, both in the passenger and cargo industry.

The challenge

Every hour that an aircraft spends AOG (Aircraft on Ground) is lost time and revenue for the carrier.

Air Atlanta needed to ensure that every one of their aircrafts was fully utilized to reduce overall AOG time.

“When we remove parts from an aircraft and send them for repair or to be replaced, they would too often be registered incorrectly in our systems. When the part needed servicing again, we wouldn’t know if it was already there or not, causing unnecessary delays and costs.”

– Sigrún Inga Kristinsdóttir, Administrator of Trax MRO System (Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul)

The solution

Air Atlanta needed a data quality solution that could save the company both time and money.

The company’s main goal when they started to implement the exMon data management solution was to decrease the costs associated with bad data in its Trax maintenance system. Quality checks were set up to identify overdue repairs, purchases and checks – ensuring that rotatable parts were processed correctly. The result of integrated these quality checks was improved data quality, better usage of parts and a significant reduction in rework and manually completing tasks for employees.

Once the data quality checks were completed, the aircraft career then looked to exMon to improve efficiencies in its scheduling process.

The platform was used to monitor MGH (Minimum Guarantee Hours) contracts, to ensure aircrafts were used effectively, which considerably reduced the carrier’s costs. Alongside, the platform further enabled Air Atlanta to ensure their aircraft’s were not scheduled to land at airport’s that were not green-flagged, i.e. those without the proper legal or contractual procedures in place.

The benefits

The exMon platform has greatly improved data quality for Air Atlanta, resulting in numerous other benefits. Sigrún goes on to say:

“The key to solving these issues was data quality, and we decided to implement exMon […] These efforts have saved us a considerable amount of rework and have ensured that our aircrafts are fully utilized and not a cause of revenue leakage.

We regularly get feedback from our vendors and customers on how good our data is. We are continuously adding new data quality checks to improve our processes even more […] Furthermore, our internal users have been very positive with these changes and we keep getting requests for new checks.”

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